Meet Montgomery Puff, Grand Vizier of the House of Puff, Ruler of the Noble Land of Dodos!


Would you be willing to believe that a dodo could have survived nearly 500 years hidden away in a priest hole in an old Elizabethan manor house?  I mean, dodos are extinct, aren't they?  Fortunately for Montgomery Puff, Madison Greenacre was willing to believe, as was her next door neighbour, Hunter Smith.  And so an unlikely friendship began between the excruciatingly shy girl, the unpopular, sneaky boy and the sole survivor of the dodo race.

Follow their adventures as they introduce Montgomery to the modern world and seek to uncover several mysteries about the bird: why was he in Derbyshire, how has he survived all these centuries and - most importantly - can they work out how to reverse extinction and bring dodos back into the world?


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