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Florence (aged 6) writes:

Montgomery Puff, Dodo was brilliant!

It’s set in modern times and is all about a girl called Madison who finds a dodo in a priest hole inside her Elizabethan house.  The book takes us on adventure as Madison and her friends try to solve the mystery of how the dodo was still alive and why he was in that particular house.

The book was well written and it made me more fascinated with dodos.  It kept me guessing right to the last page how it would end.  I really hope there will be a sequel soon and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes science or history.

Florence, I’m so thrilled you enjoyed it and thank you for taking the trouble to write your thoughts.  I’m well underway with the sequel, which should be published in the early part of next year.  Hope you enjoy that too! Deborah


Penny writes:

I have now had the pleasure of reading Montgomery Puff twice.  The story, although catered for a younger generation than myself, is light-hearted, comical and charming – nothing scary – so perfect for young and old alike.  The story brings you into Madison’s world – a young teenager – whose mother and father have moved her away from troubles at her old school to a new life in a big old house and a fresh start, with an amazing adventure that only those who believe can take part in …I believe – so I’ve really enjoyed the book 🙂

I can’t wait for the sequel(s).

Thanks, Penny, I’m thrilled that you enjoyed it.  And I’m pleased to say I’m already hard at work on the next book about Montgomery Puff.  Deborah


Carolyn writes:

Where did Dodos live? What did they eat? Reading a book about a Dodo is great fun, meeting Montgomery Puff, the Greenacre family and Hunter is exciting and the adventure they have keeps the reader turning the pages. The mystery of the priest hole inhabitant unravels as Montgomery Puff awakes and befriends Madison and then Hunter. They try to keep their new friend a secret but will the Greenacre family discover who they share their Elizabethan home with?

This story is full of fascinating historical facts whilst also exploring the difficulties of growing up and making friends at school. The supporting characters are great but the protagonist Montgomery Puff, who is very believable, steals the show, he’s an interesting character, refreshingly different and beautifully illustrated. I thoroughly recommend this book and I can’t wait for the next adventure.

Carolyn, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts about Montgomery Puff – I think he’s a great character too – he writes himself!  Deborah